Too much wine?

 Can there be too much wine? Maybe.  I guess there can be too much of anything. Over eating, over shopping, too much TV, too much talking, etc. So yes, there can be such a thing as too much wine, I guess…..

When a 5-year-old tells his mom, as they are coming over to my house at 1:00 in the afternoon, that he needs to bring me a bottle of wine (his 3-year-old brother argues no, she needs a coffee) it lead me to ask the question:  “Am I drinking too much wine?” I mean, if a 5-year-old thinks he needs to bring me a bottle of wine when he comes to my house (prior to that comment, he saved an old Trader Joe’s paper wine bag to give me as a present for my wine) and my own 5-year-old argues she must drink her milk/water/apple juice out of a wine glass at dinner – maybe I am talking about/drinking too much wine.

Some of you may agree, but some may think not. We all have our own opinions, especially the topic of alcohol.  What I do know about my interest in wine, is that I enjoy learning about it, just as much as tasting and drinking it. I have a fond respect for wine, without over indulging in it. So does that mean it is too much?

I feel the history, making, and the process of wine needs more respect than the abuse of it. Yes, I have a glass of wine with most of my dinners, when we go  to a dinner party I make sure to bring a bottle the host will enjoy, random evenings with my husband we will have wine tastings (when kids are finally in bed), I take wine classes and  have a growing number of wine books around my home. Maybe by some standards, yes I do focus too much on wine.  But in no way would I do the wine industry injustice by abusing it. 

My answer on this topic is: I will keep on enjoying wine..I work hard, love my family and friends and have other non-wine interests. However, after a long day there is nothing better than getting the kids in bed and relaxing on the couch with an amazing glass of Cab (or Merlot, Syrah or blend)!  So, if a 5-year-old wants to bring me a bottle of wine, bring it! I just ask that it not be a Carlo Rossi!!

Tonight’s Tastings

In light of my topic, tonight’s tasting will not be on wine – but on Sparkling Wines. Champagne/Sparkling Wines are not my forte, yet. However, I do know a delicious Sparkling wine, Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, when I taste it. I will give you a very brief low-down on the four I mentioned:

Champagne: Carbonated wine from the region of Champagne in France. Legally, it can only be called Champagne if created in that region. Usually, Champagne is medium bodied and will pair well with many different types of foods. Just remember for “real” Champagne, most decent bottles will cost you a decent penny. (fyi – you can find some value Champagnes around the $40 price point).

Cava: Spanish medium-bodied sparkling wine from the Catalonia region of Spain. When I lived in Spain, this stuff poured out of barrels like crazy. It was actually on “tap” at many local restaurants, and it was almost a requirement to have a glass or two during lunch (which is probably why they still have Siestas). Cava has to be one of my personal favorite Sparkling wines (see below for a recommendation).

Prosecco: Italian light-bodied Sparkling Wine from the region of Veneto. You can also find a great Prosecco at a steal of a price in many speciality wine/grocery stores.

Sparkling Wine (U.S.): Many great Sparkling Wines are coming out of California and Washington these days. Some tops wines recommended by Wine Spectator are: Domaine Chandon, Napa $18, Domaine Caneros, Napa $25 and Domaine Ste. Michelle, Lux Columbia Valley $23. These are great deals! Sparkling Wine, Cava and  Prosescco are great way’s to add a touch of class to any dinner party (and obviously you don’t have to spend a lot). If you are going to a dinner party and in doubt about what kind of wine to bring the host – always grab a bottle of bubbly.

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva (non-vintage) –$8.99 Whole Foods

This is a Cava I had the other night – it was clean, fresh and fragrant – with a scent of honied apples. The price is outstanding as well, $8.99,  a can’t beat price for a delicious glass of bubbly.

Segura Viudas - Spanish Cava

I hold up my wine glass and cheers my daughter’s wine glass of milk! And cheers to all of you as well!

It has been a long time….

Ok.. ok.. I know it has been months since I have talked about wine. And I really have no excuse. I have tasted amazing wines since my last blog, but have been in a funk about a writing. Really my only excuse is I have been bummed in the world of wine. As many of you know,  I was in the process of purchasing a wine shop and it fell through. I was very upset, but have decided to take my love of wine and start a different journey.

Private wine tasting parties is the direction I would like to go, with help from a party-planning pro, my dear friend Jessica. We are going to tag team this new and brilliant idea. I would like to hear from my fellow readers; if this is something that would interest you. The direction we would like to go is that of private tastings in your home. Let’s say for those mom-nights-out, where you don’t really want to go out.. we would provide tastings of new/fun wines (of course with supply in hand if anyone wants to purchase a bottle). Or you are having an after work dinner with colleagues and want to spice it up.. call on us to add a little spice (or vino) to the occasion. Our goal is to add a little something special to your evening – which of course would be wine. We would always have a small supply on hand, if you loved it and needed a bottle ASAP.  

This is just a preliminary idea – which we are in the process of researching and determining how  this could marketable…. but feel this could be a great niche and something fun . I love to socialize, I love parties and I particularly love wine.  Why not share my love with others! Give me your thoughts on this.

But fear not my friends, I am back to blogging and promise not to let you down with my tastings and advice.

Tonights Tasting:

2007 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils, Bourgogne Blanc ($25 West Seattle Cellars)


Ooo La La…

I very rarely talk about white wines. Which is not fair to my fellow white wine lovers. Tonight, for all you white wine fans.. I focus on you!

This is a fantastic, non oak-y Chardonnay (ok, a small amount of oak,)  which is light and fresh – a bit of dancing happens on your palate. Most Chardonnay’s, in my opinion, are way to oak-y and don’t pair well with many dishes. This wine took me (and my husband) by surprise. It went lovely with our meal. We had it tonight with a risotto dish, but it would also taste fantastic with fish/seafood dishes or even on it’s own. I am not sure where else you can purchase this wine, but if you like fresh, light white wines – take this name to your local wine hang out.. and see what they have!

Thanks for baring with me my fellow wine lovers… I promise to keep up my end of the bargain, if you promise to keep reading!