It has been a long time….

Ok.. ok.. I know it has been months since I have talked about wine. And I really have no excuse. I have tasted amazing wines since my last blog, but have been in a funk about a writing. Really my only excuse is I have been bummed in the world of wine. As many of you know,  I was in the process of purchasing a wine shop and it fell through. I was very upset, but have decided to take my love of wine and start a different journey.

Private wine tasting parties is the direction I would like to go, with help from a party-planning pro, my dear friend Jessica. We are going to tag team this new and brilliant idea. I would like to hear from my fellow readers; if this is something that would interest you. The direction we would like to go is that of private tastings in your home. Let’s say for those mom-nights-out, where you don’t really want to go out.. we would provide tastings of new/fun wines (of course with supply in hand if anyone wants to purchase a bottle). Or you are having an after work dinner with colleagues and want to spice it up.. call on us to add a little spice (or vino) to the occasion. Our goal is to add a little something special to your evening – which of course would be wine. We would always have a small supply on hand, if you loved it and needed a bottle ASAP.  

This is just a preliminary idea – which we are in the process of researching and determining how  this could marketable…. but feel this could be a great niche and something fun . I love to socialize, I love parties and I particularly love wine.  Why not share my love with others! Give me your thoughts on this.

But fear not my friends, I am back to blogging and promise not to let you down with my tastings and advice.

Tonights Tasting:

2007 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils, Bourgogne Blanc ($25 West Seattle Cellars)


Ooo La La…

I very rarely talk about white wines. Which is not fair to my fellow white wine lovers. Tonight, for all you white wine fans.. I focus on you!

This is a fantastic, non oak-y Chardonnay (ok, a small amount of oak,)  which is light and fresh – a bit of dancing happens on your palate. Most Chardonnay’s, in my opinion, are way to oak-y and don’t pair well with many dishes. This wine took me (and my husband) by surprise. It went lovely with our meal. We had it tonight with a risotto dish, but it would also taste fantastic with fish/seafood dishes or even on it’s own. I am not sure where else you can purchase this wine, but if you like fresh, light white wines – take this name to your local wine hang out.. and see what they have!

Thanks for baring with me my fellow wine lovers… I promise to keep up my end of the bargain, if you promise to keep reading!