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Just beginning our day at DeLille

I love wineries! Which makes sense because I love wine.  I love wineries because it gives you such an insight to their wines. Some wineries, like their wines, are over priced and pretentious. Some wineries take the time to get to know you, as you them, and let you absorb the wines at your own pace. Then there are those who get you in and out as fast as possible , cheap service and probably cheap tasting wine – like a fast food restaurant. Horrible food, but it fills you up quickly. I obviously prefer the second, but sadly have experienced the other types as well. 

I am not going to get into all the wineries I have been too. I am not here to bash wineries (or their wines) either. I would like to tell you about the wineries I explored yesterday and the wine (and one particular winery) I feel you should invest in!   

Yesterday was a marvelous day! We set out on an adventure of exploring local wineries. Our wine tasting group included, my husband, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, mom and myself. And since going to the Eastern side of Washington was not a possibility, we decided to check out Woodinville. Now, Woodinville is notorious for two of the biggest wineries in Washington, Columbia and Chateau St Michelle ( honestly are far from my favorite) – but did you know there are 45 wineries/tasting rooms in Woodinville? I didn’t, but now I do. I mean, this is a wine lovers paradise. But, since we had little one in tow (yes friends, it is possible to wine taste with a baby,  some wineries more welcoming than others. Just be mindful – swish, swirl and spit!) we had to limit the number we visited. 

Stop #1 DeLille Cellars

Ok, I have had one of their most popular wines called D2. FABULOUS wine! My brother-in-law Michael introduced me to this little piece of Heaven and have been in love with ever since. Just one slight problem, the price. DeLille’s wines over priced (for us novices who don’t have unlimited funds). The taste of their wines impressed me, but  turned off by the price. Nothing under $35.00. If you are in the mood to splurge, I will tell you the two wines I found the most delightful. 

2006 Doyenne Signature Syrah – $34.00 – A very rich wine with a taste of berry and spice. Not my favorite Syrah, but seductive on the palate. 

2007 DeLille Cellars D2 – $35.00 – Like I said a little piece of Heaven. The taste is of plums, cherries, vanilla and little spice. It is a smooth wine and goes down very easily. One of my top 10 favorites.   

Stop#2 Tefft Cellars 


This winery just opened a tasting room in Woodinville. Their original winery is located in Outlook, WA – a suburb of Yakima. I have been to the Outlook winery twice and enjoy their nicely priced wine. Out of the three I visited yesterday, this winery by far had the best service, class, atmosphere, price and wine. All 6 of us walked into this well designed wine cellar with lush chairs, couches and friendly smiles, in awe. We sat back and enjoyed our tasting of 14 wines (I did not taste all 14, I apologize) – for about an hour and a half. We had the full attention of the owner and his knowledge and enthusiasm for his wines was inspiring. I enjoyed so many of Tefft’s wines (and bought) – but I will give you a couple of the wines I recommend the most. I HIGHLY recommend visiting this winery as well! 

Viognier: Light, crisp, sweet, and citrus fruit taste. Very enjoyable. Most people think you can only drink white wine in the summer, but not true. This wine would taste wonderful anytime of the year. A great price of only $16.00 

Villa Toscana: A classic Chianti – everyday table wine. Bold smell, yet a light pepper and cherry taste. $18.00 

2006 Merlot: All 6 of this agreed this was a tasty wine. Very spicy and earthy. $23.00 

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon: a smokey Cab – at first taste is dry, then ends with a sweet finish (weird I know, but once you taste it you will understand). Very powerful, but extremely yummy. Splurge on this! $28.00 

They also have three ports that were a hit with our group ( I did not taste). You are able to find Tefft wines in local grocery stores, as well as Trader Joes and Whole Foods. 

Stop #3 Facelli Winery 


I have to say I was a little disappointed with this winery. Facelli was the third winery to open in Woodinville. You can only purchase their wines from the winery. I would recommend one wine from Facelli: 

 2008 Lemberger – It has a light taste with a smooth finish – tastes of plums, cherries and raspberries. $17.99 

For those interested in learning more about Woodniville wineries, you should explore the Passport to Woodinville April 17th and 18th. Check out their website! 

If you attend this, let me know what your favorite wineries are! 

Happy wine touring!


It is a matter of opinion

Tonight was a date night, well sort of. Sort of in the fact that our 4 1/5 year-old was at grandma’s (thank you mom!) and baby was with us. Graciously, she slept the entire time we were at dinner.

I am not usually a fan of chain restaurants. I find the food lacking luster, appeal and taste. However, in the Puget Sound region, there is a local chain that I adore. Purple Cafe and Wine Bar…. Their food actually has uniqueness and flavor; and their wine menu is diverse yet supports local wineries.

Ian and I decided to try the newly opened Purple in Bellevue (I usually avoid Bellevue, I tend to be particular and love my local  Seattle vibe)  As the little one slept soundly, we enjoyed wine tastings (Flights are nice – you really feel like you are taking a trip through wine country). Ian and I debated about some wines; reiterating that wine is all a matter of opinion. Here are the wines we sampled – what I enjoyed the most (and will buy in the future) and what Ian enjoyed (which I probably won’t buy – sorry Ian).

Tonight’s Tastings: (FYI these were tastings, we did not drink whole bottles)

Saviah “The Jack” 2007 Columbia Valley

At first smell, I could smell a blend of earth and cherry. It tasted close to the way it smelled, however it lacked a little flavor. It is a somewhat dry wine. I feel this wine could have potential, if  tasted alone and not with other wines. I will try “The Jack” again, before I give my full opinion. I have a bottle of this in my collection, so I will keep you updated. The price is around $18.00

Amavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Walla Walla , WA- 91 Wine Enthusiast

This is very rich Cab. It has an earthy taste with a hint of berry and chocolate. This Amavi Cab was not my favorite. However, this was Ian’s favorite of the evening and  he even ordered a glass of it  after our tasting. I found it too rich and dry – but that is what Ian loved about it. At this moment, Cabernet’s are not my favorite – but if you love a dry, rich and bold Cab, you would enjoy a glass of this. A bottle of this is around $28.00; a little pricey but if you are a Cabernet fan, you will be happy with this wine.

Corvidae “Lenore’ Syrah 2006 Columbia Valley

I have become particular to Syrah’s lately, but  this was not my favorite. Way to dry for a Syrah. The smell of berries, cherries and potpourri fools you. The taste is very dry and bland. Other Syrah’s catch my attention and pay check. I will not  purchase this again. Price is around $13.00 for a bottle.

Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo Langhe  2006- Italy

Holy Smokes!!! This could be on my top 10 list of favorites! This wine is smooth and it goes down way to easy. It has a floral taste with a mix of cherry. This wine would be perfect any time of the day, any season with any meal. I highly recommend this wine. It is around $16.00 – a very nice price for a very smooth wine.

I will be in Woodinville, WA this weekend for some wine tastings, so keep posted for some new recommendations.

Happy Wine Weekend!