When to wine detox?

I love summer and everything about it. Long days, hot sun, friends and family over for dinners, lazy days, vacations and wine. In the summer, wine seems to pop up every where. During dinners, at the beach, play dates, after long runs.. etc. You get my drift. We seem to let ourselves be free to the wine at any possible moment during these hot months.So, I am asking you my friends, when do you detox? September? Do you go, no drinking during the week, then have at it on the weekends (which is considered bingeing and not really good for you)? Or you let yourself have a glass or two every night of the week? Or maybe you don’t drink wine at all, and stick with beer (then why are you reading my blog? 🙂 ). I am curious as to how others moderate wine consumption during this heavenly time of year- considering that wine seems to flow everywhere.

I am a healthy person. I am training for the Walla Walla 1/2 marathon in October, so I work out 4-5 times a week ,eat fairly healthy and watch my wine intake. But I do worry about empty calories from wine as well abuse of these fine grapes. Does anyone else have these worries?

I would love to hear back how my friends moderate their wine intake during this summer season, especially from those working in the business. Or do we live life, not worry and just enjoy the wine?

Cheers! (to either wine or a beet juice detox)

A lazy summer morning making Fairy houses
A lazy summer morning making Fairy houses