Drinking my words

A few months ago, I tried a Chilean wine and I was not a fan (check out my past blog). But, before I judged  just one bottle of wine, from one winery, I knew I would have to try a Chilean wine again. I was out to dinner one night, took a gamble and ordered the Chilean wine on the menu. Again, I was disappointed. I wanted to give up on the region all together… figured the taste and flavor didn’t mesh well with my palate. However, I was saved.. and now I must drink my words.

One of my co-workers introduced me to one of her friends, Cliff, about a year and a half ago. She figured I would have a lot in common with him. He is a Physical Therapist like my husband and he enjoy’s good wine like me.  Cliff was kind enough to invite us to his yearly wine party about a year and a half ago. I was blown away by this knowledge, collection and enjoyment of sharing his beloved wines. His knowledge surpasses mine and I envy his nose for wines. Even though I am a novice (and will be at his level someday.. I hope) he still reads my blog. He did not want me to give up on this South American country. He was very generous and sent me a bottle of wine from Chile.

All I have to say is vino sorprendente!! Gracias Cliff!

Tonights Tasting:

Concha Y Toro Don Melchor 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon (wine.com $41.99) – Wine Spectator 94 points (although, not the end all be all, but they are conservative with their points, so it must be a serious wine to receive that score)

At first smell, this wine is full of chocolate and plum. We let this wine decant for about 25 minutes, which I believe helped to open up. The smell of this wine only increased in richness, which also matched the taste. I tasted a little spice and coffee along with chocolate and plum. After a few more tastes, I also noted a smokey flavor. This wine far exceeds my expectations. I think I might have tasted heaven, or close too.

The price is not a bargain  and I am not even sure where you can buy it. According to wine.com this vintage is sold out. And I can see why. If you happen to stumble upon this wine, invest. I promise you will be in love at first sip. Plus, you will really impress wine and non-wine connoisseurs alike.

Muy hermoso el vino, disfrutar de!

Concha y Toro Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon 2000


South America

My friend Lisa stood at a crossroads trying to decide between a Chilean or a Spanish wine one fine day in Scottsdale, AZ . She didn’t know which one would settle her craving – they both are Spanish-speaking countries and both known for making good, inexpensive wines; she decided to take a gamble, trust her instincts and went with the Chilean wine (and she had not read my Spanish wine blog yet). I haven’t heard her opinion on the choice, but it motivated me to buy a bottle of Chilean wine.

Chilean wines are foreign to me. Usually, when I decide to fill my South American wine craving, I tend to lean towards Argentina. Wines from the Mendoza , Argentina region are medium-bodied and smooth (oh so lovely). I am sure at some point in my life I have tasted a Chilean wine, but it obviously did not leave a lasting impression. But, at times I am biased and probably skipped that region in the wine shop to head towards my favorites. So thank you Lisa for inspiring me to explore my horizons.

* Here is a little known fact about Chilean wines – there are more than 20 different types of grapes but it is their Cabernet Sauvignon which is famous. The wine I chose was not a Cab, but to me, an unknown varietal.

Some of you have asked me to review/taste wines that are under $10.00, since most of my fellow novices prefer wines around that price range (and we are in a recession right?). So, I will make sure to write about affordable wines as well as some splurges (we should all splurge sometime, right?).

Tonight’s Tasting:

Terra Andina – 2008 Carmenere – Central Valley of Chili (Whole Foods $8.99)

I do have a cold, so I am not the best judge of  wine tonight. From what I have tasted, I am not a fan, cold or not. It has an overbearing berry taste which is harsh on the taste buds and stomach. Ian said it tasted like the end of a bottle of wine; the flavor of sediment. We let the wine sit, and there was still no improvement. This is a wine I would not recommend ( I think having a cold made it taste better).  Even if you needed a take a cheap bottle of wine to a party, I would say stick with a Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joes. Now, I am not blaming the Chileans, every country makes bad wines. So, my mission fellow novices, is to try a wine from Chili that will take you to a happy place!

Have a wine filled night my friends!

ps – Ian just opened a bottle, since he was not a fan of the Chili wine either. This is a staple in our cellar and would recommend this to anyone – we usually keep a couple bottles on hand.

Guenoc – 2007 Petite Sirah from California. Is around $8.00 – I have seen it at Trader Joes and West Seattle Cellars (don’t purchase through their winery, they charge $20.00 a bottle, ouch!). Smooth, nice and easy to drink!

2007 Guenoc Lake County Petite Sirah