What does a good value wine mean?

A morning read

A morning read


What is a “good value” wine? What does that mean to a consumer? As I was reading Food and Wine magazine this morning, it featured an article talking about finding value wines. It gave me lots to ponder. What do I consider a value wine? Is it the same as what my fellow novices would consider a value wine? The more I thought, the more I realized no. It’s all subjective. What I feel is a great value/buy could be unfathomable to some people. And others may think it’s cheap. I believe that as long as you are enjoying the wine and it’s within your budget… that is a value wine. No matter if you are the hunt for a $10 bottle of a Washington red blend or splurging on your favorite $80 Cab from California, it’s all your personal preference. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Cheers to finding your value wine!

*Article: Food and Wine Magazine, September 2013

Taste vs. Price: How to Find Wine Value, by Ray Isle


2 thoughts on “What does a good value wine mean?

  1. What good value wine means to me: not made with things that are bad for you (tannin powder, food coloring, added sugars, etc.), tastes good to me and drinks at a higher level than the price point.

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