Dave Matthews and Wine?

Dave Matthews and wine? What? I was just as shocked when I realized it myself….

This may surprise some of my college sorority sisters, but I am not the biggest Dave Matthews music fan. At the time I attended college, Dave Matthews was the “thing” and many of my college-mates were very fond of him. I played along. But honestly I never got his music. I never understood everyone’s obsession with him. Then again, I am obsessed with Jimmy Buffett and many may not get that either. However, I am not here to bash Dave. He is a pretty amazing philanthropist who has not only contributed his time and resources to Seattle’s needy community, but all over the world as well.

So the day when someone came into the The Grape Choice and asked for his wine, I was floored. What?! Dave Matthews is making wine now? For some reason this annoyed me. I get tired of all these famous people thinking they can develop their own perfume, food, wine, vodka, etc. and expect consumers to pay for their name. Because of that, I had no intention of trying his wine.

Not long after my finding of his wine-making hobby, my girlfriend Natalie invited my family over for dinner. Since she knows me all to well, she of course had wine to serve with dinner. To my surprise she pulled out a bottle of The Dreaming Tree – aka Dave Matthews wine. I was skeptical to try it, but I didn’t want to seem rude. And in this crazy world of wine, I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was excited. This wine excited and thrilled me. The Dreaming Tree was good, really good. The bottle Natalie purchased was Dreaming Tree’s Crush (red blend). After that fun night of exploring a new wine (that I would not have purchased on my own) I was eager to try more. Which leads up to my tasting notes on The Dreaming Tree wines.

Tonights Tasting:
The Dreaming Tree, www.dreamingtreewines.com
Costco, QFC, Safeway, online      $12.99-35.00 (depending on wine and retailer)

The Dreaming Tree has three different wines, the Crush, Cabernet Sauvignon (and one reserve) and Chardonnay. They are also a sustainable vineyard and conscious about the environment.  I have tasted two of the three; The Cab and Crush.

The Crush – is a red blend (table wine)- Zinfandel and Merlot. I expected this wine to be a “bam” and spicy wine since it has Zin blended into it. This is not the case. It is a very subtle, soft wine. It’s not my favorite blend, but for those new to wine, this is a great introduction. The Crush is smooth, slightly smokey and has a cherry jam flavor on the tongue. It is really an easy drinking wine that is not complex. If you like structure to your wine, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this. To argue though, I am a structure girl and  it surprised me that I was enjoying this wine. Maybe it was the company that surrounded me or the setting I was placed in, but whatever the mood was, the wine excited me. To note,  I have had it a couple of times since and still surprised in my delight of this wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon – From the North Coast of California and again is another easy drinking, crowd pleasing wine that isn’t overly complex. However I feel there is more structure to the Cab than the Crush. It has a rich vanilla and blackberry tone with some slight spice and tannin. I prefer this wine over the Crush. It is smoother, richer and tells a story. If you had to choose between the two, I would recommend the Cab. I just get a warm, smooth feeling when I drink this..and I believe it would be enjoyed by those who prefer white wines as well.

DTW_cab_med5As for the Cab Reserve and Chardonnay, I will leave it up you, my fellow novices, to tell me your feelings on the wine.

For the price and the easy-drinking ability, I would recommend either one of these wines. The Dreaming Tree is readily available in most grocery stores and is one of those “safe” wines you can grab, take to a party and feel confident about your purchase. It’s smooth and friendly. My only question is why didn’t Dave chose a Washington vineyard? (hint, hint Dave!)

Cheers and enjoy!