When does a dream become a reality?

For the better part of 2 years, I have been talking about opening a wine shop. It’s one of those things where my heart says YES, while my pocket-book, time, business sense and being a wine novice all cries no. My mind always wonders to the dream of owning my own shop, teaching people about wine, finding new, amazing wines, increasing my knowledge on wines… etc. You get my point. I have even gone so far as to take a couple of classes at the Northwest Wine Academy But, then I come back to reality. I have a great job (that I honestly love), a husband, two little kids and a mortgage. Seems like timing is everything and now may not be the right time. Or is it? When can you just take a leap of faith? If you have the passion, drive and determination then should you risk it? I just can’t seem to answer this question and I am the only one who really can.  So, as I ponder, talk and plan,  I will happily sip my wine and continue to learn. You never know, maybe my dream is closer to a reality then I realize.

Cheers my friends…

Tonight’s tasting

Pietramala Biano Dell’Umbria 2010  (Italian white wine). West Seattle Cellars $12.99

85% Trebbiano – 15% Grechetto (new grapes to me!)

Lately, white wines and bubbles have been catching my attention.. and in a good way.  As fish taco’s were on the menu tonight, nothing sounded better than a crisp. white wine. I pulled this wine out of my pseudo cellar and thought, “what the heck, let’s give this a whirl.”

On the nose, it has slight citrus scent with a hint of mineral. Just a pure, clean smell. On the palate, there was more dancing then first smelled. It’s a very bright wine, with a rock, pear, citrus flavor – but all hidden underneath. It’s not over powering in taste at all, which will balance out spicy fish taco’s nicely. If you find this wine, grab a bottle. Pair it with your next spicy meal. If you can’t find it, you will survive.  It’s not one to seek out,  just one to stumble upon. There are many similar wines out in the market. However, it is fun to try a wine with grapes I have never had before!! That should be your goal – if you are unable to find this wine, grab a wine with grapes that are new to you. Maybe a charm is waiting to be found.