What is your favorite?

One day my five-year old daughter asked me “mom what is your favorite color?” I thought about it and replied “today blue is my favorite color.” She paused for a moment to think about my answer, then asked in a serious yet confused tone ” so you will have a different favorite color tomorrow?”

Yup, my favorite color depends on the day for me. I cannot claim to have a favorite color, since it always changes for me. A lot like the fact I cannot chose a favorite type of wine.

Back when I was about 22 (graduated from my college and Coors Light days) I decided to finally give wine (real wine, not boxed) a try. It might surprise many of you, but despite all my childhood memories of going to wineries, helping my dad pick out wine for dinner parties, and so on.. I never tried wine. It was never an option for me to try it. So, when I was of age and got all my cheap, bad alcohol days past me, I was determined to become a wine lover.

Except for the fact wine was not what I had expected. How did my parents drink this stuff?  Ugh, who drinks something warm or with such a powerful taste? I thought I would never be a sophisticated wino.  After a while, and because I am a tad stubborn,  I discovered  a wine that I could drink – a sweet Riesling or Gewürztraminer (say that three times fast). I started with those and worked my way to a Chardonnay (on occasion). It wasn’t until I was around the age of 24 and living in Barcelona, Spain for the summer when I finally was able to kick my sweet wine habit and indulge in red wine.

I went to a local wine bar, where I spoke no Spanish and the owner spoke no English. He just started pouring and I started tasting. Maybe it was the company I was with or my surroundings or just the beauty of Barcelona. But whatever it was, I fell in love with red wine that night.

Since then, I have taken every opportunity to learn about red wine and play around with flavors that I like (or don’t like). Until recently, I swore I would never go back to drinking white wine again. I had this mentality it was for “new wine drinkers.”Afterall, I wasn’t a new wine drinker anymore.

 After a trip to Napa and talking to many wine experts (as well as taking a fantastic food-wine paring class at West Seattle Cellars), I have thrown away that white wine mentality. I have opened a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc or Vinho Verde (amazing with tamales) and have been floored by the beauty of their taste.

I have come to the realization that I cannot have a favorite wine. I may have preferences, but that can change daily. Maybe Merlot’s are not my favorite red wine, but then pop open a bottle on Wine Glass Cellars (Yakima, WA) Merlot and have my socks blown off. Never say never people. That is what I learned. Always try and if you don’t like it a first time, try it again down the road.

Now for your challenge. Try something new. If you “prefer” white wines, try a red. If you are a Syrah only gal, pick up a Cab tonight. If you are a beer drinker, pick up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.  Try something new – be daring. Don’t have a favorite wine, have many favorite wines.  Let me know how it goes.

 Oh, and it case you were wondering, today my favorite color is red!


3 thoughts on “What is your favorite?

  1. Great Journal Entry. Makes me want to go home and open up one of the Flora Springs Wines I just got.
    But for today, my favorite color is Lime!!!! It is for the color of the Margaritas I will be drinking in PV about this time tomorrow.

  2. What a great post! My fave color these days has been black (go figure) and with my mashed potatoes I am finishing up what has got to me by 6th bottle (not in one sitting) of the Acacia 2008 Pinot Noir…delish, delish, delish! Did I mention it’s yummy?!?!

    Can’t wait to help your research in a few weeks!

    Toodle-pip me ol’ china!

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