Wine Trails on the Hood Canal

The Hood Canal in WA… brings back many memories of me as a sullen teenager, dreading weekends and summer because I would leave my friends and social life to drive 2 hours and spend time with adults (and a stinky younger brother) on Hood Canal – away from civilization (and malls).

As I age, with grace, my memories of our cabin on the Hood Canal have changed. I completely understand my parents fascination with going so often. They sat around all weekend (with friends or other family members) eating seafood and drinking wine (or various other cocktails) – usually around a fire pit, overlooking the canal. This weekend, we packed our two daughters (ages 4 and 4 months) and set out on our two hour adventure to the place that used to torture me as a teenager. We met up with our close friends to have an Easter weekend, away from traffic, noise and internet. We experienced the exact same weekend I witnessed as a teen. We ate amazing amounts of halibut, clams, and oysters. Enjoyed some nice glasses of wine and created many new memories. However, this blog isn’t going to be about the wine we drank (a favorite I have told you on many occasions – The Stump Jump) – but what the Easter Bunny brought up to the cabin and what fellow Washington novices need to invest in.

My girlfriend Natalie (aka the Easter Bunny this year) bought me a wonderful new book you need to find before you explore wineries of Washington. The book is called Wine Trails of Washington – A Guide for Uncorking Your Memorable Wine Tour by Steve Roberts.

What I have noticed about most books on wineries and wine tours, both in CA and WA ,is that they promote the big, well-funded wineries. They usually don’t include the smaller wineries. This book is completely different – they not only include those gigantic wineries, but also the little one’s that most people have never heard of – which I am partial too. I’m pleased to add this book to my wine collection – and cannot wait to explore some new wine regions.

This book maps out the wine trails by region – Northwest Washington wine country, Olympic Peninsula wine country, Puget Sound wine country, Woodinville wine country, Southwest Washington wine country, North Central Washington wine country, Yakima Valley wine country, Red Mountain wine country, Horse Heaven wine country, Tri-Cities wine country, Walla Walla wine country and Spokane wine country and of course some other tips like wine room etiquette. If you think you know your WA wines, I guarantee this book will change your mind, and give you new wines to experience.

I would love to sit and tell you some of my favorite places to stop at along the Wine Trail, but it is  more fun to explore on your own. If you would like suggestions, let me know – otherwise Happy Trails to you!