You can always have your cake.. and drink it too

I love cake…. I love all flavors of cake – as long as it is moist, fresh and lightly coated with frosting (you never want to take away the flavor of a cake). My most favorite cake of all, is not something you eat, but something you drink.  Layer Cake…a cake that will last on your tongue, is fat-free and will always leave a smile on your face.

Tonight’s Tasting

Layer Cake – Vintage 2008 Shiraz, South Australia ( $14.99 Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Ballard Market, QFC, West Seattle Cellars)

I was introduced to Layer Cake last year, and immediately fell in love with it. The problem with Layer Cake last year, was that it was limited. Once it was out, it was out for the year. Which was disappointing, but also a challenge  to try to find who carried the wine- which I am fond of challenges. Once it was completely out in the Seattle area, a Malbec was introduced by Layer Cake. All I can say about that, was Ugh. The taste was way to dry and peppery (which is not a normal Malbec flavor). It was no where near as smooth as their Shiraz.

A couple months ago, while I was grocery shopping at Trader Joes, I noticed the 2008 Layer Cake Shiraz was released – and they also released more cases. I snagged a bottle and was just as pleased with ’08 as I was with the ’07.

This wine has a cherry, licorice flavor with a hint of coffee and chocolate. This wine is smooth and velvety. A great wine to add to your collection – a wine to always keep on hand (along with your Stump Jump). Please, try a piece of this cake. It really does melt in your mouth.

Peace, love and wine…..

Layer Cake Shiraz Wine


7 thoughts on “You can always have your cake.. and drink it too

  1. I baked a Snickerdoodle Cake last night. It was really, really good. Your Layer Cake sounds better. Trade ya!


  2. You’ve got it Lisa, we’ve already got a bottle for Tuesday night, you’ll love it…one of my favorites! Great blog Carolyn, you’re my rainbow….

  3. I was thinking since Cake Bread was a little out of our price range at the moment… I thought Layer Cake would be a nice second runner up!! We will bring in Tuesday night!!

    Snickerdoodle cake?? Oh man, that sounds heavenly!

    • Carolyn:

      Thanks for the glowing write up of our wine. A few points that are important to us about Layer Cake. Most importantly, it’s made with One Hundred Percent Pure Love…we put as much into Layer Cake Wines as we do Hundred Acre Cabernet.

      Secondly, it’s very important to us that although we are a value; we spend a lot of time managing our vineyards and creating hand crafted wines for Layer Cake. The result, we only take 2-3 tons per acre of Shiraz where many of same genre take 6-10 tons per acre (mechanically) no less.

      In short, we hold expectations high for Layer Cake and although we want it to be available to everyone, there’s never enough of a good thing to go around. We could make more, but, the quality would subside…which will never be our intention.

      We are going to share your blog with our following,

      Thank you so much for your support,


      • Thank you for adding more information about your wines. It is a delicious wine and wish that I didn’t get so nervous about if I can find it or not, but I do appreciate that fact that you don’t give up the quality for the quanity. That speaks a lot to your company. I would like to give your ’08 Malbec a chance, I do feel bad that I didn’t particularily like the ’07 – but that is what is great about wine, it is all a matter of personal taste and one year can be completely different from the next year. So far though, your Shiraz has been top notch each year I have tasted.

        Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I am just a novice just letting other’s know about wines that they should invest in.. and Layer Cake is one of those wines!


      • Carolyn:

        Although we are in the business of making and selling very good wine; it’s still an art form, passion and soul desire. As you evolve, it’s important to take commentary and use it to your advantage. In the case of our Malbec, we appreciate your sentiments and although it’s very sought after and highly regarded, it’s still up to the individual to decide.

        I watched Food Inc. recently and thought about how the food industry is controlled so each hamburger tastes the same, any time of the day, anywhere you go and year in and year out. Needless to say, a bit different than making wine, or, making wine the Layer Cake way.

        In tougher vintages, we just make less wine. There is no compromise. Nor can we control what’s coming at us as everything in a bottle relates to the climate. Our goal is always one of excellence and although vintages vary, we truly want you to know, our heart is in each offering. It’s what is behind a brand as a whole that gets you another chance.

        Lastly, this is a great conversation and one that we hope will not only get that Malbec back in your hands.

        Thanks again,


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