Wine buying challenge

I have heard some mixed reviews from my fellow novices about the Wine Store vs. Grocery Store blog. Which has led me to a challenge (and oh how I love challenges). I am going to pick 3 chain grocery stores Safeway, QFC (Kroger) and Top Foods and visit their wine sections. I will attempt to find a wine expert at their store and buy a wine. I give myself 2 weeks to visit them, since I have a baby and preschooler and is a challenge at times to get to a grocery store. I will not, however, purchase a “big name” wine/company (i.e. Chateau Ste Michele, Mondavi, Yellow Tail, etc) – because I would like to see if I can find a small company vineyard (unless their wine expert can convince me otherwise).

I will keep all of you posted on my Wine Grocery Store Challenge.

No tasting tonight (I know, I am disappointing all of you) – but I do have to let you know I found a 2007 Goats do Roam (I spelled it right this time) at Trader Joes. If you are shopping at TJ’s, pick it up – since we know the 2008 is not good!! The 07 is what I found last year and enjoyed (and has a yellow label, the 08 is white)!

Buy on fellow wine friends….


4 thoughts on “Wine buying challenge

  1. Bought a Washington State, Red Diamond Winery, 2007 Merlot at Safeway – $6.98
    Had a glass, and found it to be quite pleasant. It was somewhat light in color, but had a nice nose. The first taste was a bit stringent, but mellowed out quite nicely. I would definitely recommend it, especially for the price.

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