Goats do.. disappoint

What frustrates me, is when I find a wine, boast about it.. then get the next vintage year and it tastes horrible!  I was very excited to let all my fellow novices in on a little secret of a great wine, at a cheap price. Thank goodness I tried the wine before I wrote about it, because I was beyond disappointed.

About a year ago, while shopping at Trader Joes, I stumbled upon a bottle of wine that had interesting looking label (yes, I am one of those who will buy wines based on labels…good marketing works on me). And I had to let out a giggle when I read the name of this wine- a South African wine called Goats do Rome (obviously knocking the Cotes du Rhone from France, and yes the French were upset about this). I grabbed the wine and brought it home. I didn’t expect much from this, it was $8.99, with a funny label and had the name Goat in it… but to my surprise it tasted nice. I purchased the wine again later, it still made me giggle, but it still was an easy wine to drink and tasted lovely.

Not in the case of this 2008 Goats do Rome. It was still $8.99, but the label has changed (not as cute) and the taste leaves nothing to be desired. I couldn’t even finish my glass, it left a sour taste in my mouth. I thought maybe it was me, but my good friend, and fellow wine lover, Diana felt the same way. I know different vintage years can taste different, but this was a dramatic change that left me feeling sad and empty.

Luckily, Diana saved the evening by bringing another bottle of wine. Thank you Diana! Please take my recommendation, skip the 2008 Goats do Rome!! Put your $8.99 into another bottle of wine (or some Chinese take-out)…. please!

Now, the saving -the-night bottle Diana brought is something you must take notes on.. so I will wait while you grab a pen and paper…

I have had this wine a few times and really enjoy it. This wine has a decent price and tastes is beautiful. You will be able to detect a dark cherry and plum flavor – which flows so smooth, warms your tummy and puts a smile on your face. I had a couple glasses last night and it took me to a place of happiness (and no I was not drunk, I only had two glasses of it). It made me simply happy and reminded me how wonderful life can me… like being able to enjoy a fabulous bottle of wine with your loved ones (and even if you can’t stand the people you are with, this wine will help you enjoy them).

Punto Final  2008 Malbec – Argentina ($12.00 West Seattle Cellars – I have seen this at local markets such as Ballard and Greenwood Market – and even a few restaurants serve it by the glass).

Please, please, please novices, pick up this wine (along with another bottle of Stump Jump or their other wine, which I have not tried ,called Foot Bolt -2006 Shiraz) and enjoy life!


3 thoughts on “Goats do.. disappoint

    • Get the 2007 – you can still find it Trader Joes (saw it today) – it tastes so much better – and is the one that has been raved about. Just skip the 2008!

  1. I’ve had that one. Agree on the name: cute. Label: cute when I bought it, too. Don’t recall it was anything spectacular. Also, I forgot to tell you about my Chilean wine. http://www.root1wine.com/ It was a 2008 Cab. If you check the website, it would appear their Cab has had any number of awards over several years….except 2008. I was not iimpressed. It was one of those wines you taste and say, “Maybe it just needs to breath a little.” Frankly, I wasn’t crazy about it even after it had take a few deep breaths. Maybe I should try the 2007??


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