Viva Espana

Go Spain!

I am very fond of Spain. Everything about this beautiful country intrigues me; the beautiful people, delectable food, amazing history, interesting taste in fashion, horrible driving and of course their delicious wine (and they make fabulous olive oil as well). Maybe I am partial to this European country because I was able to live in Barcelona for 4.5 months about 8 years ago. Honestly, most of my experience in Barcelona is a blur. I would like to say I am fluent in my Spanish language (which was my main reason for going) – but I became fluent in eating and drinking the Spanish way. Hey, at least I learned something from the Spaniards, right?

France, Italy, California and Washington are famous for their amazing wines. Until recently, Spanish wines were not overly popular here in the US. But, this New World wine should not be over shadowed by those power houses. Give Spain a chance, try a few bottles of Spanish wines. They can vary greatly, so be prepared. However, you can find some great Spanish wines at good prices.

**Side note – My bet is on Espana to take World Cup 2010 – we don’t want to see Italia win this year.

Tonight’s Tasting:

Pinuaga Nature – Tempranillo 2007 (West Seattle Cellars $15.00, I also saw it at Whole Foods) – A Castilla red wine.

At first taste, this wine had a bitter bite (beware Tempranillo’s are temperamental sometimes). I was a little nervous that I would have to write my first bad review for my fellow novices. After letting this wine sit for a few minutes, it ended up with a smooth taste (strange I know, but wines are like that). The flavor of this wine is tricky – at times I can taste a plum, cherry flavor but then my next sip I notice an earthy, nutty note. An interesting combination, but kept me wanting more. This is a medium bodied wine that will warm you during the winter months, but also a nice wine to pull out on a summer evening while sitting on your deck reminiscing the past (and all the trouble you caused) with your girlfriends (or guy friends) ! This would be a great wine to keep around the house for all seasons (if it stays that long, it is very easy to drink, after first taste)!

Wine on my friends….


5 thoughts on “Viva Espana

  1. I remember our trip to Spain, long ago. What a great time and what great wine and Sangria we consumed while there. We were so amazed at how inexpensive the wines were and how good!!!

  2. How crazy is this: @ Sprout’s this morning, I had a bottle of Spanish red in one hand, and a Chilean red in the other. I ended up going with the Chilean…for no good reason. But I made a mental note to get the Spanish red next time. And now, I will!!! 🙂

  3. Carolyn,

    I love that you started this wine blog, count me in as a fan! We spent a month in Spain 2 summers ago and now go out of our way to buy Spanish wines; we love them! Have you ever checked out 12th and Olive wine shop in Seattle? Really friendly and knowledgeable people and they are always having fun tasting events.

    I bought Stump Jump this weekend and really liked it! Have you tried Renegade Wine Co. 2008 Red Wine from the Columbia Valley (from Sleight of Hand Cellars)? Also, the ghost of 413, Red Wine 2007 also from Columbia Valley.

    Would be fun to have a tasting party sometime, maybe we could organize something together this spring?

    • Thanks Marlo! Thanks for the wine suggestions. I am going to check them out! My hope is more people will make suggestions.. that is how I learn about more wines! I have not been to that shop, but I think Allie was telling me about it. I should check it out.

      I was just thinking about a wine tasting party!! I would love to organize something.. let me know if you are serious.. because I am 🙂 Spring would be perfect!! Thanks again for reading! This is something fun I am doing while on leave. Beats sitting in front of the TV in the evenings.

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