It is a matter of opinion

Tonight was a date night, well sort of. Sort of in the fact that our 4 1/5 year-old was at grandma’s (thank you mom!) and baby was with us. Graciously, she slept the entire time we were at dinner.

I am not usually a fan of chain restaurants. I find the food lacking luster, appeal and taste. However, in the Puget Sound region, there is a local chain that I adore. Purple Cafe and Wine Bar…. Their food actually has uniqueness and flavor; and their wine menu is diverse yet supports local wineries.

Ian and I decided to try the newly opened Purple in Bellevue (I usually avoid Bellevue, I tend to be particular and love my local  Seattle vibe)  As the little one slept soundly, we enjoyed wine tastings (Flights are nice – you really feel like you are taking a trip through wine country). Ian and I debated about some wines; reiterating that wine is all a matter of opinion. Here are the wines we sampled – what I enjoyed the most (and will buy in the future) and what Ian enjoyed (which I probably won’t buy – sorry Ian).

Tonight’s Tastings: (FYI these were tastings, we did not drink whole bottles)

Saviah “The Jack” 2007 Columbia Valley

At first smell, I could smell a blend of earth and cherry. It tasted close to the way it smelled, however it lacked a little flavor. It is a somewhat dry wine. I feel this wine could have potential, if  tasted alone and not with other wines. I will try “The Jack” again, before I give my full opinion. I have a bottle of this in my collection, so I will keep you updated. The price is around $18.00

Amavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Walla Walla , WA- 91 Wine Enthusiast

This is very rich Cab. It has an earthy taste with a hint of berry and chocolate. This Amavi Cab was not my favorite. However, this was Ian’s favorite of the evening and  he even ordered a glass of it  after our tasting. I found it too rich and dry – but that is what Ian loved about it. At this moment, Cabernet’s are not my favorite – but if you love a dry, rich and bold Cab, you would enjoy a glass of this. A bottle of this is around $28.00; a little pricey but if you are a Cabernet fan, you will be happy with this wine.

Corvidae “Lenore’ Syrah 2006 Columbia Valley

I have become particular to Syrah’s lately, but  this was not my favorite. Way to dry for a Syrah. The smell of berries, cherries and potpourri fools you. The taste is very dry and bland. Other Syrah’s catch my attention and pay check. I will not  purchase this again. Price is around $13.00 for a bottle.

Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo Langhe  2006- Italy

Holy Smokes!!! This could be on my top 10 list of favorites! This wine is smooth and it goes down way to easy. It has a floral taste with a mix of cherry. This wine would be perfect any time of the day, any season with any meal. I highly recommend this wine. It is around $16.00 – a very nice price for a very smooth wine.

I will be in Woodinville, WA this weekend for some wine tastings, so keep posted for some new recommendations.

Happy Wine Weekend!


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