A Stump Jump….

My girlfriend Natalie and I have many similarities. We have a similar style in clothes, we have similar political views, we have similar jobs (both work in elementary schools in the same school district) and we even have similar tastes in wine. So when she raved about this Australian wine called Stump Jump, it intrigued me to try it.  As I was at the grocery store tonight, trying to figure out dinner, I stumbled upon Stump Jump (well, not really I always peruse the wine section of grocery stores, I have even perfected this skill with child in tow!). And as I am writing this, I am happily tasting the wine. I think Natalie and I have another thing is common…

Tonight’s Tasting:

The Stump Jump – Vintage 2008  Shiraz ($10.99 Whole Foods – however it was found at Costco for $8.00) – Wine Spectator 90 points.

McLaren Yale – Australia

When first smelling this wine, all sorts of berries jumped out at me. As I was tasting this wine I realized it is full  of cherry, plum and raspberry flavors. Not too sweet, surprisingly a little dry- and not overpowering at all.  The after- taste at first sip left an oily flavor on my tongue. After a few more sips, the oil flavor disappeared. You have to give wines a chance, don’t judge on first sip!

 This is a good, middle of the week, I need to escape the reality of my life, wine (while of course watching the Office or American Idol). You can’t beat the price either. Good find Natalie!!

* Note from my husband who is tasting Stump Jumpp as well – Stump Jump is a good starter red wine, for new red-wino’s. It is not overpowering to the palate.

Here is a little fact I found out for you on Wikipedia (hey, you may need to know this for Trivial Pursuit someday):

It is called Syrah in its country of origin, France,  as well as in the rest of  Europe, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and most of the United States. The name Shiraz became popular for this grape variety in Australia where it has long been established as the most grown dark-skinned variety.

Happy wineing everyone!


4 thoughts on “A Stump Jump….

  1. Glad you liked it and I totally agree with your comments…great middle of the week wine (however, it will be every night because it’s such a great price) Let me know when you find another one that’s around this price range that you like!

  2. I read the label, an interesting note….stump jump refers to the machine that was developed to “jump” the mangrove roots in the area they were clearing to grow the wine! pretty cool throwback name and a really decent wine…
    Awesome Blog Caroyn!!

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