Hello wine world!

As I was riding in the car with my husband tonight discussing my interest in wine (and how I could turn a career out of this interest), he brought up the idea of me blogging to start. Wow! Sometimes he comes up with the most brilliant ideas. I am always talking about wine, wondering how I could share my love of wine with the world… and just like that Ian comes up with idea of me blogging. Genius! However, I am not a writer… but I have thoughtful opinions about my journey with wines.

I am in no way a wine connoisseur. I love wine, plain and simple.I don’t have big words to describe why I enjoy (or don’t enjoy) wines.  I just love the way it tastes on my tongue, the history of how it brings people and cultures together infatuates me and I thrive on the challenge of finding that “perfect” bottle of wine (which I have found so far in my life a lot of “perfect” bottles of wine.. and not so perfect).  It doesn’t matter the cost… an $10 bottle of wine is in a way more exciting than an $80 bottle of wine. I believe you have struck gold if you find a fabulous bottle of wine for $10. 

Wine is all about personal taste. I was once asked if I thought it was funny that someone’s favorite bottle of wine was from Suttar Homes. No way! It is all a matter of personal taste… and I would never judge someone on their taste of wine. This blog is all about my opinion on what I taste.. and only how I feel about the wine. If you taste the same wine and feel differently about it, please let me know. I welcome everyone’s comments.

I am slowly learning about wines and yearn to learn more. I have been on many wine tours in Napa, Eastern Washington, Oregon and the Burgundy region of France (though, I don’t remember much about that trip) – but I am still very much a novice. I plan on taking classes and doing a little more research. I would like to share all my new found knowledge with you.  I will keep it short, simple and easy to understand (because that is how I work). Please enjoy this journey with me!

tonight’s wine:
Perrin and Fils – France (Costco $10)

2007 Cotes Du Rhone Villages : 50% Syrah 50% Grenache  – 91 points Wine Spectator

Nice everyday wine. Doesn’t have a lot of punch, but smooth and light taste. The smell has a berry scent, however when tasting not a lot of fruit flavor nor is it sweet. If you like a heavy Cab or Zinfandel you may not like this wine. For the price though, it is a nice bottle to take over to your in-laws house.


11 thoughts on “Hello wine world!

    • I SO could have used this on Sunday as I was trying to choose a wine to take to Salish. I get paralyzed by all the choices! I’m excited to hear more of your thoughts.

      • That is why I really want to do this. Wine is so daunting, but it shouldn’t be!I hope I can help down the road for you!! But one word of advice, play around with wines, try different kinds then write down the one’s which leave a lasting impression!!

  1. Great blog. Will be looking forward to your thoughts and advice! Now is this bottle of wine for in-laws you like or ones you don’t?? 😉

  2. I will read your blog even if you DON’T send me the wine you’re tasting!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your recommendations. Welcome to the blogging world, Caroline! Way to go!!!


  3. Your dad would be so proud! We had countless wine tasting excursions with your parents, and so much fun. But no Sutter Home for me, ask Sue G. about my experience at her house! Never again.

  4. okay…so I’m no longer growing a baby in my belly and that baby is no longer growing on my boob so I’ve been enjoying my nightly glass of wine (or two) and loving that I have no tolerance! I love that you are doing this Carolyn…have so much fun doing it and I will be following you and can’t wait to try your recommendations! I’m seriously loving the Stump Jump from Costco…cheap…good…down three bottles in a little over a week! Oh my I love being a free momma! 🙂

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